5 Reliable Shredders for Safe Client Record Disposal

Whether you’re practicing in the wide open prairies of eastern Kansas or in a cramped office in Midtown Manhattan, there are only so many file cabinets a law office can hold. Sooner or later, those cabinets will overflow, your banker boxes will burst, your accordion folders will explode.

That means it’s time to unload some old client records.

But just dropping it in the recycling won’t do anymore. You need a shredder.

Thankfully, there are plenty of shredders out there to help you out. Here are our top five.

1. Fellowes Powershred 8-Sheet Shredder

The perfect light, compact shredder for in-office use. The 2008 model, our favorite, can handle eight sheets at a time (hence the name), but also things like CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Important safety features help reduce the risk that you’ll accidentally shred off a fingertip. OSHA approved!

2. HSM 411.2 Departmental Paper Shredder

Not for the light of heart. This shredder is to paper as Antonin Scalia is to a living Constitution—it kills it! The departmental shredder can handle a huge load of paper, turning it into confetti with both cross cuts and strip cuts.

3. Schleicher Cross-cut Shredder

More of a prestige shredder than anything else, this model was used by Oliver North to destroy documents during the Iran-Contra affair.

4. Mobile Shredding Services

There are even shredder companies that will come and shred your documents on site. Well, nearly on site. When faced with the need to dispose of voluminous paper documents last year, we had a young man come over with a “data-grater,” basically a Uhaul truck’s worth of shredders.  After a few hours of lugging boxes to the parking lot, our unneeded paper records were no more.

5. Mike Batio