The Redaction Debate: Are You Team White Out or Team Sharpie?

When it comes to redacting privileged information during discovery, there are two types of lawyers: those who love a whiff of white out and those who stick to Sharpies. Personally, we’re big white out fans here.

White out not only smells more pleasant, it’s less likely to smear across your fingers and wrists later. There’s nothing worse than showing up for a conference looking like a 1920’s news boy. Plus, white out is a liquid, allowing you to literally feel the stains as you make them on yourself, whereas Sharpie stains can go unnoticed for days.

But that’s only half the reason we love white out.

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What’s the Best Fax Machine for Client Communications?

Here at O’Magawd, we’re all for email. We’re Tekno attorneys, after all! But sometimes, when you’ve got client communication that could use a little extra gravitas, calling out “You’ve Got Mail!” just won’t do.

Enter the fax machine, the trusty stalwart of any modern office. But which fax should you use?

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