Don’t Listen to Logikcull

You may have heard that Logikcull, the eDiscovery & Data Management solution, is urging attorneys to “practice safe sharing” following a host of eDiscovery data breaches. Specifically, Logikcull argues that:

With tools that take advantage of the hallmarks of modern, cloud-based technology—secure file transfer, encryption, intuitive interfaces, auto-detection, and more-disastrous mistakes can be avoided, and the legal professionals who deal in the high-risk, high-stakes arena of complex litigation can sleep a little easier at night.

Don’t send productions on CDs, they say. Don’t use technology that is ridiculous complex, they implore. Instead, use ShareSafe:

ShareSafe is a file-sharing feature within Logikcull that allows you to securely produce documents via an encrypted download link, where permissions-based access is granted temporarily before automatically expiring. If the wrong information is accidentally produced, the invitation can be canceled, revoking access. It’s part of Logikcull’s mission to democratize discovery, so that anyone can do it affordably, quickly and, most importantly, safely.

I say: no way! Here at O’Magawd, we’ve been using complex vendor software for decades. Because we believe in complexity. We’ve got certification and trainings. We spend months figuring out how to use the latest eDiscovery black box technology. We believe in the value of a tangible object-the pleasure of a page of paper in your hand, the reassurance of a CD full of client information shipped off in the mail.

And sure, sometimes things go wrong. Privilege review may get botched every now and then. Sometimes the CDs just go missing. But that’s just the price of doing business these days.

This is how discovery has been done for years, and it’s how we’ll keep doing it for years to come.