The Best Printers for Your Next Discovery Production

Today’s “electronic discovery,” or E-Discovery, can involve millions of pages. And while there are tools that let you review ESI on your own computer, some attorneys prefer to use paper. We totally understand.

But that raises the question of “what’s the best way to get that ESI in print?”

You could print off the documents yourself or hire a vendor to print them off for you. Both approaches can be workable, depending on the nature of the case, the type of printing equipment available to you, and the market rate of a cyan ink cartridge.

Taking these factors into consideration, we think that either the Canon S820 or HP Office jet Pro L7680 All-in-One should be a good match for most law offices. It can produce documents in both black and white and color, which is particularly helpful for your personal injury and family law cases. We’ve run dozens of pages through it at once with very little jamming. It also pairs well with iMacs, for those of you who are Apple fans.

The HP printer is also a strong choice for lawyers. You can load documents straight from a memory card and the sleek interface makes it easy to print them straight out—no need to transfer them to a computer first! You can go from ESI to just I in minutes.

This printer definitely has the edge when handling things like products liability cases or corporate transactional matters. We picked ours up for an affordable $299 in 2007, so we can only imagine the price has come down since then.

Both of these printers take advantage of ink-jet cartridges, which means that the old ribbon printer cartridges are a thing of the past! Great news for those of us who are sick of getting stains everywhere.