What’s the Best Fax Machine for Client Communications?

Here at O’Magawd, we’re all for email. We’re Tekno attorneys, after all! But sometimes, when you’ve got client communication that could use a little extra gravitas, calling out “You’ve Got Mail!” just won’t do.

Enter the fax machine, the trusty stalwart of any modern office. But which fax should you use?

We’ve been through plenty over the years and can give you some important insights into facsimile machines for lawyers.

Here’s our conclusion: Pretty much any fax machine is better than no fax machine! They’re faster than mail and don’t require you to scan any documents and upload them to your email account.

41SVBE4N9VL.jpgFurther, the fax confirmation slips can be filed away with your paper documents, creating an instant record that a document was sent or received. Printing out and storing your emails is much slower. Plus, how are you supposed to put a signature on an email?

Now on to the meat: Which fax comes in first for us? Our pick is the Brother IntelliFax, which can send out up to three pages per second and hold 30 outgoing pages at a time. An additional 250 sheets can be stored in the paper tray. That’s 10 quires or half a ream, under ISO 4046-3:2002 standards. Believe me, half a ream lets you receive plenty of faxes before having to replace the paper.

Keep in mind, however, that only a facsimile will be transferred. We once had a legal intern use all the firm’s 100% cotton, archival-quality paper while faxing documents to one of our more prestigious clients. Boy did he look out of touch.

But I digress.

For about $250, the IntelliFax is a great deal. Don’t put those savings straight into your bank account, though. Splurge and spend it on expert installation. It’s worth it.